The Visualizer enables network analysis of on-chain activity. View a graphical representation of transactions between addresses or entities of interest.

The Visualizer can also be customized with Arkham filters. Show transactions of specific tokens or specific connections between addresses. View blockchain data with clarity through a custom map of the network. Eliminate noise to find what you are looking for.


Use search bar in the top-left to select addresses or entities to visualize.

Move nodes by clicking and dragging them to different positions. Right click entities to split them into their constituent addresses.

Hovering over a transaction line will display the total value of that transaction. Click to open up the transaction information panel. Click the transaction date to go to the Arkham block explorer page for that transaction.

Use the search bar to add addresses or entities to the visualization. White lines are transactions between the selected entities, referred to as internal transactions. Green lines are inflows and red lines are outflows.

The Visualizer by default shows the most recent 1,000 transactions. You can use Arkham filters to show a different set by sorting by time, token value, or USD value - in either ascending or descending order.

Click the white arrow in the top left corner of the screen to open the filter panel. Set filters using the transactions log as in the Profiler.

Set a time filter using the bar at the bottom of the screen, which also displays transaction volume.

The top right corner of the screen displays the number of transactions to which the filter applies, total volume for these transactions, and total volume for the visualized transactions.

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