Personal Portfolio

You can also use Arkham to keep track of your entire on-chain portfolio and activity. See everything in one place instead of tracking positions across a cumbersome mix of tools. Analyze your historical performance and activity just as you would an entity in the Profiler. The Personal Portfolio aggregates token holdings across multiple wallets and blockchains, providing a holistic view of present positions and past performance.

Adding Accounts

Navigate to your personal profile page by clicking on your username in the top right hand corner. This will bring you to a page with four blank quadrants, allowing you to fill in their addresses and customize the addresses registered to their portfolio.

The bottom left quadrant allows users to review the addresses that they have added to their profile, and add or remove addresses as needed. Click the plus sign in the top right corner to add an address. As with private labels and entities, addresses you add to Arkham are private to you.

Addresses can be added to the Personal Profile page in three ways:

  • Metamask: The Arkham platform will request the Metamask plugin to connect to the site - afterwards, it will detect the public key of the address connected and automatically add that address to the profile list.

  • Exchange API: Select the ‘Exchange API’ option in the dialog box, to supply an API key to connect to your exchange account.

  • Manual Entry: Manually paste a wallet address into the dialog box.

Personal Profile Interface

Once you have populated the personal profile page with your accounts, Arkham will pull information directly from supported blockchain networks to provide real-time data on your portfolio.

The interface is divided into four units, each showing different modules:

  1. Portfolio

A list of current token holdings, along with prices, amounts held, and the total value in USD. Shown alongside the price data are the daily changes in the values of the user’s holdings. When clicked, this will show the daily fluctuations in value as a percentage. Daily gains are displayed in green while daily losses are shown in red.

  1. Historical Performance

A balance-over-time graph of your USD equivalent balance, collected from a combined record of all of added accounts.

Zoom in and drag the graph to select a custom time period, and use the preset options to show data for designated time periods.

  1. Transactions

A full transaction log that can be filtered by blockchain, time, sender, recipient, token, token amount, and USD value. Sort by time, token amount or USD value, in either ascending or descending order.

  1. Account Manager

The All Accounts tab provides an overview of users' wallets, indicating the largest holding, how many other tokens are held in the account, and the USD value of all holdings. Each wallet has a separate tab with a breakdown of token holdings.

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