Upon launching Arkham, you arrive at the Homepage. From here, you can navigate to any other part of the platform, filter activity by blockchain, and examine a range of data points. The search bar can be used to query for entities, addresses or transactions.

We will examine each element of the Homepage in more detail below.

In the top left hand corner of the platform is the navigation bar. This contains links to Arkham’s other features, including the Dashboard, Alerts and Visualizer.

  • Dashboard: Create intelligence dashboards of units displaying custom data and metrics.

  • Alerts: Set alerts for transactions that meet custom parameters.

  • Visualizer: Generate network analysis of transaction activity across wallets and entities.

  • Clicking the Arkham logo brings the user back to the Homepage.

Moving to the top right hand corner of the platform:

  • Profile name: Navigate to your user profile. Add addresses to monitor your on-chain portfolio.

  • Invites: Invite others to the platform and view points earned.

  • Settings: Adjust your Arkham account settings.

Use the search bar under the ARKHAM COMPUTER header to search for entities, addresses and transactions. The filter icon on the right hand side of this bar may be used to filter activity on the platform by blockchain network.

You can also search using the search bar in the top center of the page, which is visible one every platform page.

You can search for accounts by:

  • Entity

  • Label

  • Address

  • Twitter Handle

  • Opensea Name

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Beneath the Search and Navigation functions, the Landing Page contains 3 sections: Network Status, Top Entities, and Network Transaction Log.

Network Status

The Network Status panel displays information on each blockchain that Arkham supports, such as average gas price, TPS, and native token metrics. After filtering by blockchain on the main search bar, this will adjust to show the first blockchain which was chosen.

Top Entities

Arkham’s Landing Page also shows a rolling view of top entities from Arkham’s database, such as exchanges, funds, DeFi protocols and individual whales, and will display their total balance across Arkham-monitored networks as well as a breakdown of their token holdings across all accounts on all chains.

Network Transaction Log

The Network Transaction Log allows users to examine the latest transactions validated by each network that Arkham supports. The Log contains information on token type transferred, token amount that has been moved, as well as to/from address and USD value, and the time at which transactions occurred. This may also be filtered by blockchain or other specified criteria by clicking the filter icons.

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