Dashboards allow you to create a customized view of various on-chain metrics. Dashboards help you easily and quickly review the state of a set of addresses or entities. This can be completely customized to see only what you wish to see.

The interface provides users with a set of widgets that can be added to panels in a custom arrangement, allowing you to monitor the present and historical balances across multiple addresses and entities, as well as view customizable lists of relevant transactions that can be filtered for single or multiple addresses/entities.

Dashboards are private by default. You can share them with other users via url.

The sidebar shows existing dashboards.

The Dashboard home page includes a panel listing all of your tracked entities, alongside a transaction log for those entities. Track entities using the blue “Track” button in the top right hand corner of their Profiler page.

Creating Dashboards

Add a dashboard by clicking the “New Dashboard” button at the bottom of the sidebar.

Dashboards contain a grid in which units can be added. Units can be added in different sizes, with different available sizes depending upon which unit is added.

Available units include those to display account, token, and custom data:

Account Data:

  • Balance History

  • Portfolio

  • Balance

  • Transaction Log

  • Tracked Entities

Token Data:

  • Token Price

  • Top Token Flow

  • Top Token Holders

  • Token Price History

  • Token Exchange Flow

Custom Data:

  • Alert

  • Custom Stat

  • Custom Line Chart

  • Custom Pie Chart

  • Text Box

The Balance History unit shows balance-over time for a specific entity or wallet address. This graph can be zoomed in to show areas in more detail, or can be snapped to preset time intervals using the buttons at the top: 1W (1 Week), 1M (1 Month), 3M (3 Months) or all. Data on this widget is updated daily.

The Portfolio unit provides an in-depth breakdown of an entity or address’ token holdings. The list includes columns showing the current price of a token as well as token amount held, and the USD value of the amount held. Alternate tabs are included showing a breakdown of token holdings by native chain, as well as the Archive feature.

The Balance unit is a simplified version of the Portfolio unit. It breaks down the token holdings of a chosen entity by token type, USD value, and total balance.

The Transactions unit displays transactions by designated entities or addresses, and which can be filtered as in the Profiler.

Token Data Modules

The Token Price Module displays the current price of the selected token. If expanded, relevant metrics such as 24h volume, ATL/ATH Prices, current Market Cap and price change over time will also be shown.

The Top Token Flow Module displays the accounts with highest inflows and outflows for the selected token. Results are given both in terms of token amounts and USD Value, and can be switched between different timescales: 1H, 24H, 1W or 30D.

The Top Token Holders Module displays a list of the accounts and entities holding the most of the specified token, across all Arkham-supported blockchains. Holding addresses can be shown individually, or grouped by their corresponding Entity.

The Token Price History Module shows a graph of historical price data for the specified token. Users can zoom in and out to specific points on the graph, or snap the view to the 1W, 1M, 3M, 1Y or ALL views.

The Token Exchange Flow Module displays the aggregate and net flow of the specified token to and from exchanges. The graph shows both a bar chart for daily flows as well as a line graph tracking cumulative flows. Time can be toggled between 1D, 7D, 30D, 1Y, 5Y and ALL.

Custom Data Modules:

The Alert Module shows the most recent alerts Arkham has sent to the user. These alerts can be drawn from either a specific Alert that the user has configured, or can be drawn from all of the user’s Alerts.

The Custom Stat Module displays a specific data point about either a Token, Address, Entity or Chain. For example, it could display the price or 24 hour volume of a specific token such as Bitcoin. For addresses or entities, it can display the total portfolio value in USD, or the value of a specific token holding.

The Custom Line Chart Module can be configured to show data-over-time for a variety of different token and account-based metrics. For tokens, the Line Graph can display price, volume or market cap, whereas for accounts and entities the Line Graph can show USD balance over its lifetime.

The Custom Pie Chart Module can display breakdowns of token and portfolio-related metrics, such as the top holders of a specific token, or the portfolio makeup of a specific account or entity.

The Text Box Module has space for a title and body. Feel free to use it for any notes or references you wish to add.

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