Multichain Support

Arkham currently supports the following networks:



BNB Chain





On the Home Page, users can view a network status panel, showing important information about each supported network, such as gas price and latest block height. Information about the relevant network token will also be displayed, such as current price and market capitalization.

Across the platform, icons in the transaction log indicate the chain upon which the transaction took place.

Filtering for Individual Chains

Filtering by Blockchain

Chains can be selected and filtered for on both the Home Page and the Profiler for different addresses or entities.

Cross-chain Portfolio Aggregation

Arkham’s Portfolio view collects and aggregates data from all supported blockchain networks to display tokens held across multiple networks and present this data in a single portfolio format.

Analyze cross-chain portfolio data on the Profiler using the “Holdings by Chain” tab on the Portfolio unit. This view shows a chain by chain breakdown of entity holdings with full breakdowns under each chain.

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