Token Pages

Token Pages show price and transaction data for individual tokens. Search for a token’s name or ticker in the top search bar, and click on the relevant result to view its token page.

The Token Page consists of 5 different sections displaying different token-related metrics.

  • The top bar/section 1 shows important metrics for a specific coin, such as Price, Supply, Market Cap, Volume, and also All Time High/Low prices.

  • The top left hand quadrant displays a list of accounts with the highest recent inflows and outflows, over different timescales.

  • The top right hand quadrant displays the coin’s price history or recent flows to/from exchange-tagged addresses.

  • The bottom left hand quadrant shows the top accounts and entities holding the token across different blockchains.

  • The bottom right hand quadrant contains a transaction log displaying recent movements of the coin across all Arkham-supported blockchains.

The blue ‘Visualize’ button can be clicked to show a network graph of the top 100 holders, as well as their most relevant transactions. If you wish to filter this viewer further, click the blue ‘More Info’ button to display the filtering panel, and refer to the Visualizer page.

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