The Profiler allows you to see the activities of different addresses and entities across blockchains. It is made up of four units: Portfolio, Historical Performance, Counterparties, and Transactions.


The total net worth of the Entity or Account is displayed in the top left hand corner.

Immediately below it is a list of all current token holdings and their USD values. Token amounts are sorted by value. If clicked, daily gain/loss numbers toggle between an absolute and percentage basis.

Token holdings can also be viewed by chain, with an expandable token view breaking down the value held in each asset.

Portfolio Archive

The Portfolio Archive allows you to view the historical balances and token portfolios of any address or entity, at any point in time that the accounts existed.

Select any two dates and the Archive will compare token holdings on those dates and display data on price changes, balance changes, and changes in overall net worth.

Historical Performance

This unit shows a balance-over-time graph for the USD value held in the account or entity over its lifetime. You can zoom in to different positions to display data on a particular time frame. The second tab contains a Profit & Loss chart. To calculate PnL, Arkham uses as cost basis the value of holdings at time of initial transfer to the entity.

When this graph is repositioned, time filters will be automatically applied to the Transactions Unit.


The Transactions Unit displays all of the address or entity's transactions across networks, specifying counterparty, time, chain, token, token amount, and USD value. You can sort and filter along any of these dimensions.

The Inflow and Outflow tabs allow you to see only transactions coming in or going out.

There is a default minimum transaction value filter of $0.10 to remove spoofed tokens and spam transactions.


On a separate panel, this quadrant

The Counterparties Unit displays information on transaction volume with other addresses and entities. The exchange tab shows the volumes deposited and withdrawn to and from exchanges by the specified address or entity. Zoom on the time graph to filter by time. The Top Counterparties tab shows the top counterparties by transaction volume, with links to each entity or address. You can filter by time period, token, network, and inflow vs outflow.

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