Private Labels

Arkham allows users to add custom labels and entity grouping to any on-chain address.

Custom user-created Entities are private to a specific user’s instance of Arkham unless they are shared using the blue ‘Share’ button.

The Private Labels Dashboard allows a user to review all of their previously added custom labels and entities. The left hand side is a scrollable list of all custom entities, while the main portion of the screen displays a grid containing all Entities that the user has added so far.

A separate tab displays a scrollable list of all custom Labels added by the User, and provides the ability to add and remove labeled addresses from their associated Entities.

The Private Labels Dashboard displays custom labels and entities for EVM, BTC and Tron addresses. An Entity can contain multiple types of addresses - for instance, an address used on Avalanche can be part of the same Entity as a Bitcoin address.

A specific address can have one Label and one Entity - the Label is an individual designation for the address, while the Entity is a group that can contain multiple addresses across different chains. Custom Labels and Entities will always override Arkham’s official Labels or Entity designations.

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